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As promised, it's me and the evolution of my hair. Sit back and relax. Laugh. Cry. Bring a friend. Tell your mom.

Me at 2 or 3. (It's the same picture as in my icon.) Look at how freaking smooth my hair is. Weird.

Things went along quite well for several years. Then one day, mom decided to chop off all my hair. It poofed up like woah. Let's blame this one on the wind. (July, 1994. I was 8 going on 9)

This is possibly the worst picture of me. Ever. I hate it so much! I was 9 years old and I had no idea how to use a hiarbrush. (Feb. 1995, I was 9)

Well, at least I used a hairbrush... I look like I've been brainwashed, though. (May 1995, 9 years old)

My hair finally grew long enough to put in a ponytail, but I had some crazy-ass bangs that made me look like a reject from the 80's. You know I'm rocking the high-water overalls! (Aug 1996, I was almost 11)

After that I wore my hair up for 5 whole years. In 2001, I cut it short again, and this is the result. The actual picture looks better than the scan. My hair is more curly than poofy... (sept 2001, 16 year old)

This is me in December 2001, still 16. I look kinda freaky. And really pasty. But look at the poofy hair! wee.

Even though I mostly wear my hair up now, this is pretty much what I look like on a really good day. Look! Control at last!
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