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new.... and only kinda poofy 
03:08pm 06/08/2004
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10:38pm 11/07/2004
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01:10am 30/06/2004
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01:48am 05/03/2004
  poofy hair is waaaaayyyy rad!  
05:31pm 03/01/2004
  Hi sorry for writing this so many times. But i was wondering if anyone has the brand new hoilday ep, they want to sell. Please comment or email me Laurenw29@hotmail.com or instant message me xxyourbestbet2xx. and we can then discuss prices and what not thanks again.  
09:50am 10/12/2003
  title or description

That's me
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06:01pm 27/08/2003
  Not a very updating kind of community is it?.... its cool...
yupperz... so im really bored...
02:04pm 24/08/2003
mood: ecstatic
Hello... THis is totally awesome a community dedicated to people with poofy hair!! i love you!!!.... anyhoo...My name is ERica and i live in PA....

When i would get my hair cut when i was younger i would cry as i left because it was soo poofy. My nickname in skool is poofy.. Im getting adjusted to the poofness of my hair just bcuz i kno how to control it now. But yeah... My hair is now long like middle of my back... and its i guess to heavy to be poofy to the max.

Yupp so i hope to be posting more later...
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08:18pm 22/06/2003
  Hey poofy haired people. I was wondering if any of you have had experience with chemical staightening? I'd really like to get mine done, but my mom says I'd still have to blow dry it/brush it straight, and it'd still be poofy! Help?  
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10:04pm 28/05/2003
mood: bouncy
Hey you guys! Perhaps you remember me. Perhaps not. Anyway, after 3 months of threatening to cut my hair, I finally did it. I've gone back to the poof!

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All in all, I think I lost around 14 inches (when pulled straight... the lady cut it off in a braid which was about 10 inches long and curled), donated to locks of love, of course!
03:23pm 24/04/2003
  Hey everyone.. I have poofy hair! Anyway..proms coming up and I'm wondering if any of you have any suggestions for my hair..

I can straighten it and it's no longer poofy and put nice hair things in it..

Or I could do the classic hair on top of the head with curlies hanging down..

If anyone wants to see a picture of me, you can comment w/ your email addy or e-mail me at addictedfear@aol.com

07:08pm 22/04/2003
  i think this is the stupidest thing ever, once a band gets big people stop liking them, why do people do that. I know it sometimes, sucks they get big and you dont get to see them and talk to them because they dont walk around the venue, but no offense that is life, you should be happy that your favorite band is getting big and people are starting to like them and know them, thats a good thing not a bad thing, thats what makes the band more mainstream and get more record sells, and get more money. Also, its really dumb because once the band is showed on "mtv" or on a commerical on mtv2 you stop liking them, that is the dumbest thing every. I bet if you were in a band you would like to be as big as most of these bands today. I am just saying like what if your favorite band in the whole wide world, gets really big and you see them everywhere are you going stop liking them, and stop buying there music and stop listening to them? Just to let everyone know, once a band starts touring with a bigger band or is showed on a tv show, there going be big.And even, if the band is big and they walk around the venue and talk to there fans, then you actually know that band isnt in it for the money and there in for the fun, and fans.  
01:20am 11/04/2003
mood: nostalgic
hiiiii. i'm brand-spanking(ooh) new here, and i'd like to say hello to my afropeople. don't you just feel connected when you see an afrosister or brother and you just smile, even if you don't know them? i know i do. hahah ok, but i do that with a lot of things. im happy to see you all embracing your froness. i'll leave you with some visual stimulation. (me, of course)
foxy...white :/(not really, but you know)

acutally, i have something quite similar to bekkah's post before last. except i left out the -really- embarassing ones (think: a chubby awkward richard simmons...with a mullety thing) ah yes, i have finally come to terms with my poofyness, and grown to love it. i'd blame my brown dad for giving me this hair that kids would pick on me for (little orphan annie+the like) in previous years, decided to take matters in my own hands (mmm, burning scalp). but my hair now gets me a lot of places, i guess it felt bad for giving me grief. lol.

go here: www.geocities.com/binkagrrr/hairchronicles.html


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10:04pm 03/04/2003
  *pokes* No one writes in this group.

Anyway, just for kicks, I got my hair blow-dried straight. First time, ever. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes for a professional to do it. (My friend tried to do it once, but after an hour, completing less than a third of my head, she wanted to kill herself!) Afterwards, the lady was like, "Wow. I need a cigarrette now." In case anyone forgot, here's the last big old topic I made about my poofyness.

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10:25pm 18/03/2003
  As promised, it's me and the evolution of my hair. Sit back and relax. Laugh. Cry. Bring a friend. Tell your mom.

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10:06pm 11/03/2003
  Hi guys! Finally, a community for me. I've got a Jew-talian 'fro, I suppose. Well, I DID, like in 4th grade. I've kinda learned how to control it by now. Kinda.

Maybe later, I'll scan some pics and you can see the wonder of my hair. ;)

Bekkah <3
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you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt & again when your head goes through the windshield 
07:46pm 26/02/2003
mood: bouncy
so, i have joined!! hehe...maybe now i will take some hott like fire pictures of my curly hair like whoa! hehe.

11:33pm 24/02/2003
mood: this is fun.
this journal will be a whole lot cooler once i take pictures of my friend ibra. his fro is beautiful.

that is all.
11:26pm 24/02/2003
  do you agree that brandnew was a thousand times more fun before garrett cut his hair?


play nice.